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Software business solutions for industries
in the home remodeling ecosystem

Customize our home remodeling tools to your needs to generate leads,
nurture your existing customers and maximize revenue

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The future of home remodeling

Customize Kukun tools for your needs

For Retailers

Get insight into your customers' needs and throughout their remodeling journey so you can better serve them and heighten their loyalty to your brand.

Retail business solutions

Offer customers the use of Kukun's bidding tools to gain visibility to their material needs, improve your supply chain and improve customer experience.

Customize our customer friendly renovation & ROI calculator to reflect your catalog items and prices.

White label kukun remodeling content to create a customized newsletter to educate, nurture and bring more customers to your store and website.

Custom Software Development Tailored to Your Business

For Today's Realtors

Convince your customers to buy that home that needs repair.

Show them cost to renovate and equity they could build.

Connect to contractors that worked in the neighborhood of your property.

Realtor business solutions

Integrate with our widget and we will automatically show your home buyer the cost of remodeling.

Show them the equity they would be building with Kukun's Renovation & ROI calculator.

Want a Customized Software Solution For Your Business?

For Lenders

Tools to help you sell new remodeling or home equity loans to your existing borrowers and acquire net new customers.

Home loan lender business solutions

Offer borrowers the use of our Renovation & ROI Calculator to determine how much money they need to finance their project.

Use our Renovation & ROI Calculator to generate leads for additional home equity loans with existing borrowers or find new borrowers

Use our white label newsletter to nurture your customers and inspire them to remodel their homes

Our leading expertise in the renovation industry allows us to create tailored software for your business needs.

For construction companies

Improve your website SEO ranking and engage with your website visitors to increase your chances of being hired

Construction business solutions

Use our Renovation & ROI Calculator to generate ideas and bring traffic to your site.

Capture leads and help your customer feel better about taking on a project.

Leverage our specialized tools for construction such as Subcontractor bidding and Quote Creator.

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