About us

Kukun Software was born out of the recognition that building reliable software onshore and offshore has become very difficult. We provide comprehensive and complex software solutions for the Real Estate and the Construction industries.

Why kukun software?

We understand products not just software

We build products to serve a business purpose not software. We start by understanding what the success of your business should look like and we get you there. We are your partner.

We understand the user, consumer and enterprise

Understanding your users and delighting them is our objective. We will do it the way you want but we also help you delight them.

We know how to scale up and down

Our management team comes from large consulting company background with global connections, an eye for talent and readiness to move quickly. We know how to manage up and down when needed.

We are honest, transparent and collaborative

These are our values. We stick by them because this is who we are and this is what we represent.

We know business

We understand how a product can grow a business or destroy a business. We want to help you build your business as if it is our own.

We are here, working with you, listening to you, advising you if and when you want

We understand industries: Real Estate, Retail and Construction

We build products for ourselves. We know how hard and how important it is.
Your product will be treated as our own.


Raf Howery is a senior leader in strategy, Software development, offshore services, product building and data.

Throughout his career in global management consulting, Raf has helped large and small clients build products, teams, offshore and onshore operations and strategies.

Our team comes from the US,Europe,India and Latin America.



Our Mission

Our mission is to make building top quality software affordable, responsible and accessible. We strive to help those who want to change industries, access and convenience.